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Meet the man behind Mugshot Barber

My name is Ben, I first started barbering back in 2013. Having had an interest in barbering when I first left school I never followed that interest up until end of 2013.

I enrolled onto a barbering apprenticeship and my first choice of placement was “City Barber Shop” I was delighted when lee and Alex gave me the chance so I’m forever grateful to them.

It was a always a dream of mine to open up a barber shop which reflects myself and always wanted to create a atmosphere where people from any walk of life could come in and feel at ease, also to enjoy the whole barbering experience.

My vision of the shop, came from a lot of different styles and interest I have. I have always been a big fan of skateboarding (Absolutely rubbish at it) but everything around it is the part I love. The clothes, the music, lifestyle and the main one for me is the skate stores every skate shop I have visited I’ve loved them! (Ben-G in Amsterdam has to be my favourite, also not forgetting our very own Bristol store 50/50).

Over the years I have been barbering, I have seen the industry literally grow at such a speed it’s incredible! And it feels amazing to be part of this. I love all aspects of barbering (there is literally no better job!). The one area I want to learn more about is the classic and old school haircuts (so watch this space!!)

Now to wrap things up, I look forward to seeing all you guys pop in for a cut, chat and beer. This dream of mine is finally a reality and buzzing for this shop to grow and provide the best barbering experience to you guys!